Retirement Planning

To retire comfortably you need to save regularly in an investment such as superannuation in order to achieve your desired outcome of providing income to support your retirement lifestyle expenses. This level of savings will be dependent on the income you require or need.

Superannuation is currently the most tax effective way to save for retirement and it’s not too late to try and catch up or get ahead of the game, with the right strategy.

Your retirement planning strategy is not restricted to only Superannuation and you may also need to consider investments outside the norm, may be driven by an intimate knowledge of taxes, investment vehicles and structures to provide the long term outcome.


At CDN Financial Services with our expert help we will assist you achieve a better outcome than simply doing nothing. The earlier you start your retirement planning the better.


With our retirement planning process we will help you explore and answer the questions in relation to your retirement such as:


  • is my investment strategy appropriate- where and how  should my money be invested?

  • how much superannuation will I need to fund or supplement my intended retirement lifestyle expenses?

  • Is there other investments I should consider?

  •  Is my retirement planning strategy tax and cost  effective?

  • how can I maximise my social security entitlements while minimising tax?

  • how can I provide consistent income in retirement?


The retirement plan we develop together should give you the best opportunity to build up your retirements assets, to retire stress-free and achieve your financial goal.


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This information is of a general nature and your personal circumstances have not been considered please consider whether the information is appropriate to your specific  needs and objectives..