Asset Protection

We all look to accumulating wealth with savings, buying properties, cars etc,.

We will insure these assets as this makes us comfortable to know that if something unfortunate happens it is covered, but we forget to insure the most valuable asset we have, ourselves.


We tend to forget without our incomes we may not have the assets we hold at least during our working lives. If unfortunately we die or are severely incapacitated have we catered for ourselves or families? Do we have adequate funds to clear debts incurred for wealth creation or the family home, is there enough cash available to support lifestyle expenses if you cant work, and for how long.


In order not to make hasty decisions with the properly considered risk management strategy you will have the comfort to know that if due to any unfortunate circumstances, you and your families are all secure.

Consider the following:

Life and TPD insurance

Trauma cover

Income Protection


All of these personal insurances form part of a good financial strategy.


NB: We can also help you or family members make a claim if unfortunately you need to.


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This information is of a general nature and your personal circumstances have not been considered please consider whether the information is appropriate to your specific  needs and objectives..