Client Advice Process.

Our individually personalised process is structured to provide you with a holistic financial planning service. This includes a detailed client discovery process, a full analysis and financial review of your current situation, formulation of tailored advice which includes  recommendations specific to your individual needs and objectives , implementation and processing of these financial strategies that cater for  your individual needs and lifestyle objectives, and a managed client service financial review service.


At CDN Financial Services our client advice process is defined as follows:

 1. Initial Discovery

Step One- Pre interview  contact and discovery process- to provide you with details that will be beneficial to your face to face appointment- This enables you to have access to information required and encourage you ask any important questions relevant to your personal circumstances ready to discuss, enabling best value outcome of your valuable time.

Step Two- Face to face appointment-in an open discussion with you to confirm and ascertain your goals and objectives- what are the priorities in life that are important to you and your family. The value of an open communication process cannot be understated for you and your Financial adviser, as this is integral part of your financial strategies going forward. In turn we want you to be comfortable that we can help you and that we are the right financial planning business to help you meet your goals, as a good working relationship delivers maximum results.. 


From the information provided we will gain an in-depth understanding of your goals and objectives and time frames to achieve these goals, enabling the best informed advice available to meet your objectives. Please allow a minimum of 1.5 hours.


Nb if appropriate we will conduct strategy meetings with your other professional advisers such as accountants, lawyers, finance brokers and  bankers to ensure all information is consider to provide you a holistic solution.


2. Advice Preparation and Presentation

Once we have gathered all the ancillary information relevant to your personal situation a full analysis will be conducted to review the strategies appropriate to provide the best outcome, in order to meet your specific goal or objective.

We will organise a suitable time to meet again, provided you with a  Statement of Advice (SOA-Financial Plan) outlining our recommendations for consideration.


Discuss and thoroughly assess the benefits  of our recommendations and anything specific that is relevant to your strategies.


At this stage documentation will be available if appropriate to assist with streamlining your process if required.


3. Implementation

Post your decision to proceed with our recommendations, we begin the implementation process. This commences with the completion of all necessary documentation.

We will process (on your behalf) and coordinate implementation to provide seamless transition.


4: Post Implementation

At all times we will liaise and keep you informed of the progress and advise you of completion.


5. Client agreed Advice service

Now that you have implemented the first stages of your financial strategies – its should be a priority that you keep on track with your goals and objectives with regular updates or reviews.


Your personal situation can change very rapidly not only your financial position but other influences like health, employment, additions to family, economic and legislative ,death and windfalls, just to name a few. All theses can affect your longer term financial planning outcomes.


At CDN Financial Services we will provide and recommend what is appropriate for your specific needs but are flexible enough the change if your personal circumstances change to enable the best outcome for you.


Our Client Value Propositions- are varied and individually structured to cater for your requirements and range from standard to comprehensive, Adhoc reviews and implementation only. We will provide you with a Client Service Agreement outlining the services to be delivered.


Please ask us for your best solution to cater for your needs.